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    Scientists have discovered a variety of new deep-sea creatures in an area between Hawaii and Mexico. The area is being analyzed for deep-sea mining. The lead author of the study that documented the new species was Guadalupe Bribiesca-Contreras of the U.K’s Natural History Museum. 

    She documented 39 potentially new species of sea cucumbers, starfish, corals and sponges. Bribiesca-Contreras explained “It’s always exciting every time that we’re doing the work and he’s like, oh, I cannot identify this to anything known, And, you know, you start getting kind of excited because it’s probably a new species,”

    The group of researchers used a remotely operated vehicle to explore marine life at the deepest depths of the Clarion-Clipperton Zone. The area is a five kilometre area in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Mexico. At its deepest point, it descends 5,500 metres.

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