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    The years of dry, hot weather across the Prairies has to lead to a grasshopper infestation on a massive scale. Some experts are saying it is negatively affecting every part of the agriculture industry. Regions across southern Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba have been noticing higher than normal numbers of grasshoppers that are feasting on crops.

    President of the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan, Todd Lewis said “The grasshoppers seem to be the biggest story this year,… It’s an issue in timing and unfortunately, the timing has been right for grasshoppers this year.”

    In Manitoba, Brenna Mahoney the general manager of Keystone Agricultural Producers describes the infestation as “biblical”. She even said there were so many bugs “I had to use my winter scraper to clear off the windshield of my car.”  Mahoney explained that when it’s dry and hot grasshoppers move faster and feed more. So, the rise in their population is detrimental to the agriculture industry.

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