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    David Sinclair, a molecular biologist at Harvard Medical School has applied the ‘Benjamin Button’ effect on a mouse. The biologist used proteins that can turn an adult cell into a stem cell which allowed his team to reset aging cells in mice to earlier versions of themselves. His team’s first breakthrough was in late 2020, when old mice with poor eyesight and damaged retinas could suddenly see again. 

    Sinclair has spent the last 20 years studying ways to reverse aging and explained that “It’s a permanent rest, as far as we can tell, and we think it may be a universal process that could be applied across the body to reset our age,”

    He also said “if we reverse aging, these diseases should not happen. We have the technology today to be able to go into your hundred without worrying about getting cancer in your 70s, heart disease in your 80s and Alzheimer’s in your 90s.” in Sinclair’s lab he had two mice side by side. One looks youthful and the other looks old and weak, yet they are brother and sister born from the same litter. They successfully genetically altered the mouse to age faster. 

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