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    Noctilucent clouds are set to make their annual appearance across Canada and here’s how to see it. Many describe this display in the sky as amazing, beautiful, or even superb. And now is the right time for Canadians to see it themselves, especially over the long weekend. 

    Every year, around June to August, the clouds emerge and some people refer to them as NLCs or polar mesospheric clouds. The appearance is almost iridescent, bright and shimmering as either darkness descends and stars begin to light the sky up. They also appear when the darkness begins to turn to daylight as the sun starts to rise. 

    The phenomenon has a clear recipe, it requires an increase in water vapour, very cold temperatures, and particles such as dust from meteors or even rocket exhaust. The clouds are formed very high in the atmosphere, approximately 80 kilometres in altitude. Most clouds associated with weather are between five to 13 klilometres in altitude.

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