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    If you rinse your chicken before cooking for safety, it may be making things worse. Many families and home cooks insist that preparing chicken and then patting it dry are very important, but public health officials say it is a very bad idea.

    Health Canada, the FDA, and U.K.’s Food Standards Agency all advise against rinsing meat. After years of public messaging campaigns that advised against bringing raw chicken near a kitchen sink, many home cooks will still do it. A food science professor at the University of Guelph, Keith Warriner says the problem is that people were first told they should wash poultry.

    The 1951 version of The Joy of Cooking notified people to rinse out a chicken before roasting it. Julia Child did as well on her TV show and Martha Stewart recipes call for it. That why home cooks are unable to break this habit says, Warriner.

    According to Warriner rinsing off meat or poultry is pointless because bacteria that may be on the surface will get burned off during cooking. The washing process actually allows the risk of spreading the bacteria. When washing poultry, bacteria can “aerosolize” and tiny droplets can fly as far as 50 cm away onto utensils or plates.

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