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    A Saskatoon School is receiving its power from a solar-fed microgrid proving students with different educational opportunities. Bishop James Mahoney Catholic School in Saskatoon is easy to spot due to its bright green roof but now it’s gaining attention for another reason. A giant slower sits on the lawn, standing five-metres tall and made out of cement, metal, and silicon.

    Its name is Smartflower and its petals are solar panels which draws energy from the sun and gives it to the school. One of the partners for the project Aaron Genest with Siemens Canada siad “this is the very first educational microgrid powered by a solar flower in Canada,”

    The flower opens when the sun is shining and closes and cleans itself at night. It can also detect high winds and will close up to protect itself from any damage. The solar flower has plans to be incorporated into the curriculum next year.

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