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    A four-year-old dog named Baekgu was appointed South Korea’s first honorary rescue dog after saving her 90-year-old owner’s life. The owner was a woman with dementia living in South Korea’s Hongseong county. On August 25, the owner and her dog went missing according to the county and provincial governments.

    Police viewed security camera footage nearby a farm where they saw the owner and her dog leaving the village. They started a search operation with help from the fire department, and volunteer residents who searched under pouring rain. After 40 hours of searching, the woman was found in the middle of a rice field, roughly 2 kilometres from her home.

    She was found collapsed in a wet area where the rice was tall and hid her from plain sight. The woman was too drenched from the rain making her incapable of getting up. Baekgu her faithful dog was the reason she made it out alive, the police said in a press release. Throughout the full 40-hours, her dog stayed by her owner’s side keeping her body temperature up.

    Baekgu started developing symptoms of hypothermia as the weather got worse but she did not move. The search team eventually sent a thermal drone that detected the little dog’s thermal signature. They were then rescued and authorities awarded the dog a new title for his courage.

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