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    The Canadian-made robotic space arm is used on the International Space Station and is known as the Canadarm2. After being hit by space debris last month the mechanical arm suffered “limited” damage. The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) released the information on May 28 when astronauts noticed the damage during a routine inspection on May 12. 

    The debris impacted the arm’s boom segments, which is where the joints connect in the arm. CSA wrote that after analysis they concluded the damage does not affect the arms performance. However, there is a visible hole approximately 5 millimeters in diameter. 

    The Canadarms2 will continue with its normal operations according to the CSA. The agency says there are 23,000 objects roughly the size of a softball or bigger, that NASA tracks at all hours to avoid collisions. Smaller objects are easier to go undetected and pose a potential threat. 

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