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    In a daring underwater rescue, a group of Spanish divers freed a 12-metre long humpback whale trapped in an illegal drift net. A diver part of the rescue said “she knew we were there to help her and she just relaxed,” The rescue happened off the Balearic island of Mallorca. 

    One of the divers was a 32-year-old marine biologist Gigi Torras and she said the rescue that happened on Friday and gesture of appreciation form the giant mammal was a great birthday present for her. She explained “it was like out of this world, it was incredible,”

    The team discovered the whale trapped in a red fishing net so it could not even open its mouth. The group initially tried to cut the rope from the boat but failed multiple times. Two divers Albatros and Skualo decided to put on gear and jump in with a knife. The rescue took 45-minutes but they were able to free the animal.

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