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    Netflix has a new show that is taking the world by storm and it is called Squid Game. It is a South Korean Dystopian horror show that is filled with violence and childhood games. The show follows hundreds of debt-ridden citizens as they are forced to participate in a competition of children’s games, and if they lose they are killed. The winner of the competition receives a massive sum of cash. 

    Netflix still hasn’t released how many people are tuning in to the show as they are very selective with sharing their viewership statistics. The CEO of Netflix Ted Sarandos recently said that Squid Game is on pace to become the biggest series ever. It could even surpass its current hits, such as Season 1 Bridgerton with its 82 million viewers.

    The Netflix shares closed at 1.9 per cent higher in New York on Thursday which was a record high of $610.27 US. Hanh Nguyen, a Los Angeles-based senior editor said “I knew that Squid Game’s was going to be a death game, but I didn’t realize actually that it would have so much depth to it. It’s a very colourful and well-crafted show,”

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