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    On Wednesday, a special phenomenon called a total lunar eclipse will occur, when the moon glides through Earth’s shadow. The last total lunar eclipse happened in January of 2019. The only issue is that the entire spectacle is not visible across the entire country and people will have to be up very early in the morning to catch it. 

    The total lunar eclipse will be mainly visible in the pacific region, and parts of Canada’s western horizon. The eclipse has been given the name “super flower blood moon” by some people. The reason it is called a “super moon” is that it is at its closest position to Earth so it will seem bigger but not to the naked eye. 

    The reason it is also called “flower moon” is because a full moon is given a name by the Farmer’s Almanac for each month. So, for May they call it to flower as it is the month when flowers start to bloom. The reference of “blood” in the name refers to the colour the moon turns during a total eclipse which will be red. 

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