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    Oilsand companies are working to meet their new climate targets set by the federal government in Canada. Most of the industry in Alberta is focused on reducing the amount of air pollution generated. As a result technological innovation has vastly ramped up to meet the requirements.

    A Calgary based software company called Acceleware, demonstrated how they can produce oil with microwave technology. Underground, the company uses radio waves to heat up oil, which is then pumped to the surface. There are still many challenges and hurdles that this type of innovation has to surpass. 

    Many supporters of this technology said it can help cut down on total carbon emissions released. Acceleware’s CEO Geoff Clark said “Since the 40s, people have thought of the idea of using radio frequency energy to produce oil,, … In our opinion, the frequency ranges are all wrong, the efficiency is all wrong and the capital cost of that communications equipment is way too high,”

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