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    On Thursday night at Tesla’s AI Day, Elon Musk said the company is building a humanoid robot that will perform “boring, repetitive and dangerous” work. A prototype is expected to be ready next year but Musk did not say if it would be sold and for how much. The robot will feature a screen positioned where a human face would be and will show different “useful information”.

    Musk explained that the robot can have a pretty big impact on the economy and that physical work will be a choice in the future. Musk collaborates with leaders in Silicon Valley who have warned that this type of technology could eliminate the jobs of many people. “But not right now because this robot doesn’t work,” said Musk.

    Creating a human-like robot that actually does human tasks has been proven very difficult. With advancements in artificial intelligence, there have been significant improvements in its development. However, the general abilities of the robot still fall short of even a human toddler.

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