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    Ray St-Laurent owns an electric car, electric lawnmower, electric snowblower and now he has an electric plane as well. The retired mechanical engineer from Fredericton built a plane by repurposing an electric motorcycle motor. St-Laurent said “whatever is new and neat, … it’s called an eGull, … And there’s 140 pounds of batteries on there.” 

    The plane has enough room in the cockpit for one man or woman and very little else. The view inside the craft is unparalleled with windshields on all sides of his body. It took the man roughly a year to build the plane form a kit purchased from Wisconsin. 

    At 72-years-old the man has built a few small planes and gotten a little bored with the concept of gasoline-powered flight. For St-Laurent, the idea of trying to craft an electric plane was new and exciting. St-Laurent explained that that “the last three months was just getting bugs out, … At least three months.”

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