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    On Sunday, Toronto Mayor John Tory made a statement that implored the enforcement of additional rules imposed on restaurants and bars. Tory is urging Doug Ford to take further action to ensure public safety and stop the spread of COVID-19. 

    These new rules are intended to help track the spread of the virus as well as prevent it. Bars and restaurants must keep a visitor’s log and contact information for up to 30 days for contact tracing purposes. If someone who is confirmed to have Covid-19 has visited the establishment, authorities can more easily reach those who have been in contact with the affected individual. 

    Another stipulation is for staff to fill out a health screening questionnaire before each shift. Of course, all employees and customers are to wear masks with the exception of patrons eating or drinking on patios. Tory announces that bars and restaurants should enforce restrictions on people getting up. Customers arriving, leaving, paying, and using the bathrooms should be the only time you can get up.

    According to local news, with the reopening of bars and restaurants in the United States and South Korea, reports show new cases. 

    Ontario’s Medical Association said the province needs to reconsider opening bars to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


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