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    The 2020 XL5 is 1 of only 2 such asteroids known that could be floating through Earth’s orbit for 4,000 more years. The new asteroid discovered is about 1.2 kilometres wide and may remain as a hitchhiker with our planet for a very long time. On Tuesday, scientists said the asteroid will pose no danger to the planet as it takes its ride. 

    Researchers used observations from telescopes in Chile, Arizona and the Canary Islands to provide a comprehensive description of the asteroid. The team of researchers confirmed it is one of only two of what are called Trojan asteroids travelling together with Earth. Trojan asteroids are usually wanderers in the solar system or material left over from a planet’s formation.

    According to the researchers, this asteroid appears to be a wanderer and is grouped as a C-type asteroid. These are the most common kinds in our solar system, according to the lead author of the study. The location of the asteroid varies between 90 million kilometres and 270 kilometres from Earth.

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