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    A professor from the University of Calgary explains that universities need to become more modern and have to adapt to the inevitability of remote learning. Despite the pandemic forcing classes online, professors such as Loren Falkenberg believe the online model is here to stay. 

    With online learning becoming normalized, Falkenberg expects the cost of learning to eventually go down. She claims “the initial period would be more expensive. Eventually, it would drop.”

    Some universities have taken a financial loss. Laurentian University, for example, has recently entered bankruptcy insolvency, resulting in the removal of 11 graduate programs and 58 undergraduate programs, as well as the laying off of 100 faculty members.

    Universities rely on funding from the government, tuition fees, and donors. According to Statistics Canada, 45.8 percent of funding comes from the government, 29.4 percent is covered by tuition fees, and then donors compensate for the rest. Donors will often specify where their money should be allocated, so the university cannot be flexible with it. 

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