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    Some people who received Russian, Chinese, or other vaccines may not be able to benefit from the easing of 14-day quarantine. Many Canadians that were overseas during the pandemic were offered other vaccines and did not hesitate to receive them. 

    A 36-year-old teacher from Calgary and her husband were offered the Chinese-made Sinopharm vaccine. Their response was “it’s available to us let’s get it, a vaccine is a vaccine.” The teacher and her family have now been abroad for 2 years and desperately want to get home. With falling COVID-19 case counts and loosened restrictions they thought now may be the right time. 

    The issue is the eased restrictions made it easier for Canadians who have an Ottawa-approved vaccine to enter the country. It does not include Canadians like the teacher from Calgary who has a vaccine that is not on Canada’s list. 

    The vaccines on the list and approved by Health Canada are Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca-Oxford, and Janssen. Even though Sinopharm is not on Canada’s list the World Health Organization has approved Sinopharm for use. 

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