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    According to the 2021 Canadian census, Ontario is losing the equivalent of 1 average family farm per day. This is where entrepreneurs like Lenny Louis come in . He owns a vertical farming facility in Welland, Ontario. He said people are often surprised by how much produce is generated from a one squat, two-storey building.

    Inside the facility, you would see stacked rows of lettuce, arugula and basil that grow 365 days a year. Louis says, the produce travels less than 200 kilometres to consumers which cuts down on transportation emissions. Louis explained that his facility is “using five per cent of the land of traditional farming, … This is the evolution of farming,”

    Data from the 2021 Census of Agriculture showed Ontario is losing 319 acres of farmland daily. This is equal to the loss of one average family farm per day. The Ontario Federation of Agriculture is pushing for more protection of farmland.

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