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    Over 100 years ago, human remains of the Viking elite were discovered in Denmark in a burial mound. The remains were misplaced inside of a box in the National Museum of Denmark. The bones were found a century later while researchers were doing a project on Viking Age Textiles.

    The Viking Age burial mound is located in Mammen, Denmark, and was discovered by a landowner in 1868. In the beginning, local farmers were sharing the artifacts with each other; eventually, the goods were recovered and taken to the National Museum in Copenhagen.

    The burial mound contained a wooden chamber and a wooden coffin sealed with blue clay. Inside were the remains resting on a layer of down feathers, wool clothing with silver and gold decoration, as well as two iron axes. 

    A re-excavation occurred in 1986, but the bones were not located in the site or the Museum’s collection. Researchers tried the second search in 2009 and came out empty-handed. It was not until 2018 when researchers found boxed contents inside another burial site located in Zealand. Inside the box were the remains of the Viking Elite discovered in 1868.

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