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    In order to have Tesla’s Full Self Driving software, some Canadians are testing the technology to better understand our roads. Joshua Green is one of the handful of Canadians road-testing the tech, and he wanted to see how it does on more confusing roads. It is much easier to navigate through grid-like streets of most cities, but downtown St. John’s  has toads similar to a century-old obstacle course. 

    This is why people like Joshua Green are testing it out, every time he drives his Tesla Model Y. He explained that “It steers, it uses the accelerator, it uses the turn signals, … This full-self driving software has been in the United States now for about six months, but just recently came to Canada, … So there’s about a thousand testers now in Canada of this software, and I was fortunate to be one of the beta testers.”

    Since the software is still in Beta, it means it still has to work out a few kinks. Since St. John’s has a maze-like network of asymmetrical streets and painted lines barely visible after a winter of snow and salt; It’s the perfect testing ground for this software. Check out the video of the self-driving Tesla by clicking the link below.

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