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    Richard Branson still won’t say when he’ll ride his ship to space or if he’s trying to become the first billionaire to launch and ride his own rocket. After an interview on Wednesday’s satellite launch by his company Virgin Orbit Branson said “All I can say is when the engineers tell me that I can go to space, I’m ready, fit, and healthy to go,”

    Jeff Bezons has his own space company that is planning to send people to space by July 20. The flight is called the Blue Origin and will be launching out of West Texas with Jeff Bezos, his brother, a charity auction winner who’s paying $28 million, and the fourth is unidentified.

    Both space companies Blue Origin and the Virgin Galactic are much different than Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Musk does not want to send people on trips, the other two want to send space tourists on brief up-and-down hops. 

    Virgin Galactic received the Federal Aviation Administration’s OK to start sending space customers last week. Over 600 people have already booked a seat and ticked initially cost $250,000. The price may go up though when the company starts taking reservations again.

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