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    Bees are vital for growing many plants into food for us by moving pollen from plant to plant. Bee’s will pollinate more than a hundred fruits and vegetables including strawberries, potatoes, and apples. Other than pollinating bees have 5 other characteristics that are very interesting.

    Bees can communicate and make decisions by dancing, when a honeybee scout inspects a new nest it uses a waggle dance to debate the merits. The better the site, the more intense and longer the dance will be. If another bee bumps into the dancing bee, he/she might start dancing if they like it as well.

    The honey bee’s in Vietnam or other parts of Aisa can use tools. These bees are threatened by giant hornets that can take out a colony in a matter of hours. The bees have learned to collect fresh animal feces and smear it at the entrance of their hive. The smell is supposed to deter giant hornets from attacking.

    Bumblebees can get “hangry” when flowers and plants take too long to bloom. When pollen is hard to find, hungry bees will damage tomato and mustard plant leaves in a special way that induces the plant to flower up to 30 days earlier. 

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